Forward Paths' mission is to positively influence at-risk youth and forever revolutionize their path to independence.

This video features one of our founding members, Lynn Sennett, and represents the reason that we started the foundation. Laws surrounding foster care are changing. Normalcy has been addressed and youths will soon be able to stay in care longer, but there are still changes that need to be made. Also, we have many youths labeled "homeless unaccompanied". These youths are currently homeless, without their parents, and still attending school. We want to be there to assist them. Young adults who are in either of these situations need help acquiring job skills, transportation, and other services so that they may transition into adulthood successfully. We plan to address these needs and see that these youths get a better start to their lives as adults. We believe that education is the key.

Print our brochure, and spread the word of Forward Paths.